Sindh High Court Legal Research Cell

The Sindh High Court has taken an innovative step in establishing a Research Cell for providing research support to Hon'ble Judges of the Sindh High Court. The Hon'able Chief Justice established this cell through circular no. GAZ/Estb:/Legal Research Cell dated 05-03-2019. Initially three (3) Civil Judges and Judicial Magistrate were posted which later on increased up-to eight (8) members. After establishing the cell, the Hon'ble Judges have started sending queries and legal questions to the Legal Research Cell which are being responded through memoranda prepared by the Research Officers. The Legal Rersearch Cell also publishes a case law update quarterly covering such cases decided by this Court which have made certain development in process of law and jurisprudence.

Mission Statement

The Legal Research Cell aims at conducting trans-disciplinary result-oriented research to assist the Honorable Judges of this Court in the legal queries arising out of the cases under adjudication. In collaboration with the I.T department to develop a database for implementation of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to use it in deciding the cases expeditiously.

Main Objectives:

Keeping in view the mission statement, the objectives of the Cell will be to;
  1. To develop a database; an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) for speedy disposal of the cases.
  2. Provide research-based assistance to Honorable Judges on legal and judicial questions;
  3. Publish a case law update quarterly covering the cases decided by the Honorable High Court of Sindh, which has made case laws and jurisprudence;
  4. To serve as a dynamic research hub for benefit of the entire judiciary of Sindh by conducting research into different legal and judicial areas.


The development of the National Law Search Engine with the use of information technology with the collaboration of the I.T Department is a step forward differentiating from Legal Research Departments of other courts of the Country. The first search engine can be used by inserting keywords, semantics, and relevance in a given query.